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Just like home, it’s a place to gather and share more than just meals. Think of it as your handy hub for fresh ideas & recipes, kitchen tips and all things Frigo® Cheese. We’re always in your kitchen corner, and this is just one of the ways we can help. Thanks for joining us. Take a look around!

There’s a Lotta You Can Do with Ricotta

  • Smooth it on toast with a little cracked pepper and drizzle of honey for an instant snack.

  • Drop a dollop on pizzas, pastas, soups and even our Breakfast Power Waffles to add freshness and creamy richness.

  • Use it as a substitute for yogurt in a variety of recipes.

  • Try it in one of our luscious desserts

Ricotta Recipes from Start to Finish with Chef Emily Ellyn!

Frigo® Cheese FAQs
How many slices can you get from one 8-oz. ball of Frigo® Fresh Mozzarella Cheese?
Generally 7-8 ¼- inch slices. That is, if you don’t find yourself sampling a few pieces while you’re slicing!
When cooking, I often find myself with leftover Ricotta Cheese. Is it possible to freeze it?
Yes! The trick with Ricotta is to wrap it in cheese cloth or a paper towel and squeeze out as much liquid as possible. Then divide the cheese into smaller portions so you don’t have to defrost all the cheese when you go to use it again. Next, cover the cheese in plastic wrap and place it in a freezer bag or airtight plastic container for up to two months. Now, the best way to thaw it is to leave it wrapped and contained in the refrigerator (generally overnight or 24 hours), so it stays fresh and bacteria-free. You can stir the Ricotta with a spoon to bring the separated whey and curds back together again. After it’s thawed, it’s best to use it within 2 days. It’s not recommended to freeze cheese a second time. One thing to note is that the texture will change a little.
What is the difference between Shredded, Shaved and Grated Parmesan Cheese?
Both shredded and shaved share a mild, buttery flavor. Shredded is a great topping and go-to when you are folding in flavor. Shaved is often used in salads or soups, and the curls make a pretty garnish. Grated Parmesan is an excellent condiment or finishing cheese that adds salty nuttiness. It’s also great for folding added flavor into sauces like Bolganese, Pesto or Mornay.
Is it difficult to melt Fresh Mozzarella Cheese?
Not at all. In fact, its creamy texture lends itself to melting well. Try our Melty Mozzarella Turkey Burgers and Melty Mozzarella and Tomato Flatbread and you’ll see!
Do many desserts include cheese as an ingredient?
Oh, yes they sure do! Most of our dessert recipes include either Ricotta, Shredded Parmesan or a combination of the two, and they’re delicious. Take a look!

May We Suggest a Few of Our Fresh Favorites?

Cinnamon Roll Cookies
  • Prep
    15 mins.
  • Total
    2 hrs.

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Get to Know Chef Emily Ellyn!

Who is Chef Emily Ellyn? One of today’s most accomplished culinary educators and creative chefs out there and our very own Frigo® Brand Freshness Expert! She’s constantly cooking up flavorful masterpieces, featured on our website’s recipe page, while lending her many talents and expertise to the Frigo® brand in countless ways.

You may have seen her on Food Network’s “Food Network Star,” “Cupcake Wars,” “Food Quest,” “Cutthroat Kitchen” and The Cooking Channel to name a few!

Growing up in rural Ohio on her family farm helped spark Emily’s interest and passion for cooking at a very early age. Eager to dive into the culinary field, she started her own catering company while still in high school.

Emily graduated with a degree in Restaurant Management from the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, New York and attended graduate school at Academie Internationale de Management (AIM) in Paris, France. She earned an additional master’s degree in Hospitality Management from UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality and Management in Orlando, Florida where she is currently finishing up her doctoral studies.

In between appearances and developing recipes, you’ll find Emily and her husband hanging out at home in Orlando with their son, and junior chef-in-training, while tending to her garden and sharing fabulous meals with family & friends!